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At Bonsai Jidai, we focus heavily on fundamentals and hands on learning. With a solid understanding of bonsai fundamentals, we can design a tree to its fullest value. Our courses include reviewing the basic concept and maintenance methods. For seasoned students, we move on to more advanced techniques including root training, heavy bending, and advanced design.

Sensei David Nguy

David is well known for his work with California Junipers and Black Pines. His experience includes studying under Harry Hirao, Ben Oki, Ernie Kuo, as well as Masahiko Kimura in Japan. David is well known for his skills and advanced techniques found in his signature trees and has been referred to by the GSBF, Golden State Bonsai Federation, as "Mr California Juniper II".  He travels all over the world conducting demonstrations at various clubs, judges international bonsai exhibitions, and has been featured year after year as a headliner for many bonsai conventions.

June Nguy

June Nguy is the heart of Bonsai Jidai. She is heavily involved in the bonsai community and can be found at nearly every event. During bonsai meetings, workshops, and classses she ensures that everyone is welcome and always takes care of everybody. She is extremely knowledgeable about every bonsai technique. Every visit to Bonsai Jidai begins with June.

Jason Chan

Jason has been an apprentice of David Nguy for over five years.  He serves as a resident artist and teaches the instructional foundation class. He continues his bonsai refinement at Bonsai Jidai. Jason is also owner of, a store catering to bonsai enthusiasts. He enjoys sharing his viewpoint and knowledge with visitors to his site and through videos. For the community, he leads workshops and demonstrations for clubs and botanical gardens.  He also serves on the board of the Golden State Bonsai Federation as a District Trustee and Editor of their quarterly publication.

Hong Pham

As an apprentice to David Nguy, Hong works closely with David in all the inner workings of Bonsai Jidai. He is versed in multiple techniques, especially carving, and continues to further his study with David through the school as a resident artist. Hong also performs demonstrations and workshops for local bonsai clubs.

Ron Reekers

Ron Reekers came to Sensei David with an intermediate knowledge of Bonsai. As an apprentice under Sensei David, he is able to further develop his skill and knowledge of the Art. Ron is also a fine artist producing etchings of bonsai trees ( and teaching the fine art of drawing bonsai trees at the nursery.

Lou Camerota

Lou Camerota a.k.a. Saski Lou, is one of the leading artists on Satsuki Azaleas in Southern California. As an apprentice at Bonsai Jidai, he shares his knowledge of Satsuki Azaleas to new students.  He continues to hone his styling and design skills through David's direction and contributes to the garden collection's regular maintenance.

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