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At Bonsai Jidai, we focus heavily on fundamentals and hands on learning. With a solid understanding of bonsai fundamentals, we can design a tree to its fullest value. Our courses include reviewing basic concepts and maintenance methods. For seasoned students, we move on to more advanced techniques including root training, heavy bending, and advanced design.

Our Team

Apprentices and students of David Nguy work regularly on the collection of trees.  The team focuses on each individual student while explaining all elements of design.  Our goal is to enable everyone who wants to learn, the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in bonsai.

Our Learning Facility

It's beautiful in Southern California all year round. We take advantage of the lovely climate by working on our trees in our outdoor workshop which overlooks the beautiful bonsai garden. Our learning facility features plenty of turntables, wire and benches for working with any size of tree.

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The Garden

Located in Southern California is the hidden gem, Shisei-En Garden. Driving by, you may see our large Torii gate. But for a true immersive bonsai experience, you'll need to come see the inside for yourself. New and seasoned enthusiasts appreciate the vast variety of bonsai species and fully styled show trees on display.

Our garden also features a vast collection of imported pots, both from China and Japan. Take a walk through our Japanese Black Pine section and California Juniper raw material. We love to welcome guests. However, visits are by appointment only.

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